• Automatic Blister Packing Machine
    Automatic Blister
    Packing Machine
  • Auto Overwrapping Machine
    Auto Overwrapping
  • Thermoforming Machine
  • High Speed Overwrapping Machine
    High Speed

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Automatic Blister Packing Machine: Taiwan only, automatic blister packaging machine, new packaging design. Thermoforming Machine: Customizing the vacuum packaging machine according to the customer's package size can save the packaging materials consumed by the long-term packaging. Auto Overwrapping Machine: It takes only 15 minutes to complete the size changeover. High-Speed Overwrapping Machine: The speed is 60 ~ 80 bags per minute, which saves time and manpower.,dani deals

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From 1971, with more than 45 years of development and research as well as on-going impovements, has resulted in production of high quality, speed and efficiency of Chie Mei Packing Machines, Overwrapping Machines and Thermoforming Machines.

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